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I have news!  Several pieces actually!

I know I haven't appeared to be around much lately, but have been so busy behind the scenes I haven't managed to peek round the blog door for absolutely ages!!  My day job is  hectic at the moment because exam season is just round the corner and it's soooo stressful, and that's just me!!  I will be leaving my current school at the end of this term and I will certainly miss all my colleagues like mad!  I'll even miss the kids!! But I'm going on to 6th form (get me!!) so that will present all sorts of new challenges for me AND my student, I'm sure!

Away from work, I have mainly been learning new photography techniques, including creating a pure white background.  I found a great article online that was so easy to follow, you can find it here it has some really good tip and is well worth a read.  I'm still learning, but am really loving the results I'm getting.  Here are a couple of recent shots...


       heliotrope heart & crystal earrings                      siam crystal flower pendant

                                                         tanzanite crystal pear earrings


These are new pieces that are going to be available at the Jersey Craft Workers Spring Fayre this weekend (5th & 6th April) at The Living Legend in St Peter's.  Really looking forward to the fayre as it's a great opportunity for me to meet/catch up with other Jersey crafters, it's also good as I always do special deals on Dragonfly jewellery at the fair, so if you're in Jersey, come down and grab a great piece of jewellery at a great price!!

I am so excited!!  I am currently waiting for a strand of Tanzanite from Jewellery Maker.  I've never worked with such a precious gem before and it's only second to Diamonds on my fave gems list, so I can't wait for it to come, (it has been misty here lately, which often delays the post plane....which is V annoying) I hope it's not delayed and I am just itching to get my hands on it.  I've bought metal stamps from Jewellery Maker before and have been really pleased with the quality and the price. and you have to get in quick with your order as they always sell out really quickly as they are such a bargain!!  This is the first strand of gemstones from them and I will be revealing what I have done with the stones as soon as I can!!  They have such a great range of precious and semi precious gems it's like letting a kid loose in a sweet shop, I was in gem heaven!!  All sorts of sparklies to grab my attention, but it was the Tanzinite that excited me the most!!  Keep popping back for further Tanzanite adventures.

Lastly.....another reason for popping back in the next couple of weeks is the Great Create Egg Hunt.  On the 15th of April, Create will be hiding eggs across 24 Create websites, all you need to do is find them to be entered into the draw to win an iPad air!!!  Can't wait for that to start!

I'm joining Handmade Monday for the first time in ages....pop along to Handmade Harbour for a peek!

So there's the latest news from Jersey... Bye for now!

S x

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  1. I love the heart earrings, your new photos really make your pieces stand out.

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  2. Sounds like very exciting times, Sarah. Love the sound of the tanzanite and looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Hope you have a good week. Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

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  3. I'm going to have to check out your link to the photography tips, thanks for that. Your jewellery is gorgeous and certainly looks great with the white background. Good luck with your new work adventures. Ali xx

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  4. Thanks so much for the link to the tutorial, your images really show off your jewellery beautifully:)

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  5. Your photos look fantastic, very professional. I can feel your excitement about the tanzanite gems! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make with them now! :)

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  6. The photos look great and can't wait to see your Tanzanite creations - it's such a beautiful colour, isn't it? Hope your craft fair went well. Have a great crafting week, Alison

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  7. The white backgrounds are a great foil to your beautiful pieces of jewelry, and I hope you do really well with the fair, as well as working with the new stone. Sixth form sounds exciting, and will provide great new challenges as you and your student step out of your comfort zones. Have a fab week x

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