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A Christmas Wish

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Well, here we are, another year almost over.  Time seems to be flying by doesn't it? 

The world has been a pretty sad place this year,   what with natural disasters and terrorists attacking innocent people, has made life feel very precious yet precarious.  We have to go about our lives though and show those who wish to do us harm that we are not scared and that they'll never take our freedom and way of life.

Life in Jersey has been less dramatic, thank goodness and I feel very blessed that I live in such a peaceful quiet (most of the time) place.  I have had some negative issues with the Dragonfly though recently, sadly a collection of gemstone jewellery has gone missing.  I don't know whether I mislaid it or it was stolen out of my car whilst I was setting up for a market.  I was really hoping that someone would find it and hand it in, unfortunately this hasn't happened. Can I ask that you keep an eye out for any Dragonfly jewellery that's offered for sale not through me or Rococo Art & Gifts in St Helier, Jersey.  The pieces below are one offs so if you see them, they are being sold on illegally, please please get in touch if you could help me locate the collection.

sapphire pendant   amethyst drop earrings1   amethyst pendant   topaz pendant


There are also cluster earrings in  Green Amethyst & Rose Quartz and a pair of Sky Blue Topaz & Green Amethyst earrings too that sadly I have not had a chance to photograph.

There is a reward for the safe return of the collection. 

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting The Lilac Dragonfly and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

See you in 2016!!!

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