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Wow.... literally!!

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Just a very quick post to announce that The Lilac Dragonfly won another Twitter award last week.  Every Wednesday, Jacqueline Gold,  CEO of Ann Summers, invites women to tweet her for her Women on Wednesday competition.  She then picks her 3 weekly winners and tweets about their businesses to her 55,000+ followers.  I often used to forget to tweet in time as I am in my day job on Wednesdays, but after setting a recurring alarm on my phone I then managed to tweet every week (got to be in it to win it they say).

On Wednesday 10th August, I was chosen!!  I was busy soldering seaside charms (if you haven't seen them yet they are here) and didn't have a clue until Dylan Moore from ADG posted on a Facebook group that I'd won!

So here is my shiny new badge.  It's a lovely feeling that my little business has again been noticed by someone who is at the top of their business.

So that's my little snippet of news, I am away again now to watch more of the Rio Olympics!!  Come on Team GB!!!

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  1. Hi I was given a piece of your lovely jewellery for Mother's Day, so I visited your website. Am so pleased with the bracelet and couldn't find anywhere else on your site to tell you! So thank you - oh and congratulations on your Twitter award - although I realise it was some while ago :)

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