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2012 - New year projects

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Happy New Year!!  

Am so glad I can now share 'Tilly' who was beautifully made by Penny of Planet Penny.  I bought her for my daughter for Christmas so couldn't show her before now. 

Hamster set 1 (1)

Jodie absolutely loved her and she now takes pride of place on her bookshelf.  So Thanks again Penny for all your hard work!!

My creativity has taken a different direction of late.....I got some graphics software just before Christmas and have been messing around with logos.... I redesigned the Dragonfly-Jersey and Crafty-Bitz logos and have even done some for a couple of Craft Forum members.  I hope it can still be classed as crafting as such....

1For Stef at Reloved Remnants


2.0and this was for Karly at The Silver Shack


Thank you both for giving me the chance to practise AND more so for actually using the designs. 


There's oodles going on over at Crafty-Bitz towers at the moment but you'll have to visit the blog to find out more ;)

I'm heading over to Wendy's now for Handmade Monday.

Bye for now

S xx

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  1. Pickle-Lily

    I love Tilly! Your designs are super. Jo x

    Posted on

  2. Jill

    Tilly is great - what a lovely gift for your daughter. Well done with the logos - they look great

    Posted on

  3. Stephen @ Soy of the North

    Awww, that Tilly is cute :-)

    Posted on

  4. Caroline

    Tilly is so sweet and love the logos

    Posted on

  5. Wendy - 1st Unique Gifts

    OHHH! Tilly is just lovely! Logos looking good too!

    Posted on

  6. Jam Dalory

    Tilly is so cute, I want one! Well done on the logo's, they look great, I especially like the colour in the Silver Shack logo. x

    Posted on

  7. Penny

    I'm so glad that Jodie was pleased to have Tilly, Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and a happy new year to you all x

    Posted on

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