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Hallmarking Headache!

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After the success of my copper chainmaille bracelet last week I started a sterling silver version.....  well I got it all finished and took pictures with a view to adding it to the website....only to discover that when I weighed it, it was 9g....Arrrggghhh!!  In order to sell the bracelets I have to now get registered with the London Assay considerable expense and start getting my pieces hallmarked....I'll even get those below 7.78g done to give my customers peace of mind.  So although it's an expense I hadn't considered so early in the business I am going to go for it.  Makes me feel like a real jewellery maker tho so am now quite excited!! is the 'offending' bracelet

Sterling silver Chainmaille Byzantine braceletSterling silver Chainmaille Byzantine bracelet 


I so enjoy making these.....even tho I can't seem to do any other weaves....the persian 2-1 eludes me despite looking at several tutorials.....will have to stick to the byzantine.

Am disappointed that we didn't get any snow this weekend....just heavy rain :( so I am going now to head on over to Handmade Monday over at 1st Unique Gifts to see if any fellow crafters had more wintery weather than we did here.  Massive thanks again to Wendy for doing this now for a whole year!!!  Happy Birthday Handmade Monday!!

Bye for now

S x

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  1. Stef

    I have just nominated you as one of my 5 fave bloggers in The Lieber Award. Apparently you must pass on the love! Details on my blog - good luck, it's chain love letter for bloggers.

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  2. Ali - Ali's Craft Studio

    Congratulations on conquering this very intricate looking craft! The bracelet looks lovely & I am sure you'll soon be expanding your skills with more weaves. Ali x

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  3. Susie

    Beautiful. And you are now official I suppose. :)

    Posted on

  4. Diane

    it is beautiful hon, and it deserves the hallmark - yey for new British silver design :) xx

    Posted on

  5. Blue Forest Jewellery

    Beautiful piece - love the charm. Like doing the Byzantine weave myself - there's something about watching the rings turn back on themselves and form that intricate-looking pattern that is really satisfying, isn't it? Alison x

    Posted on

  6. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    Well done on the silver jewellery, I'm sure if you keep practising other weaves you will get that light-bulb moment and understand it all, you'll one day wonder how you found it so difficult. Jan x

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  7. Kim @ Former Glory

    I love this weave and you've done it so beautifully. Good luck with the Assay registration. Kim x

    Posted on

  8. Wendy

    It's a lovely bracelet. Thanks for the birthday wishes on behalf of my baby, HM ;-)

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  9. Jam Dalory

    That bracelet is really lovely. Good luck with the hall marking. x

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  10. Michalene

    The bracelet is really gorgeous. Good luck with the hallmarking. Mich x

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  11. Caroline

    Love the bracelets and good luck with the hallmarking, as row says a proper grown up jeweller

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  12. fatmonica

    It's a gorgeous bracelet!

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  13. martha after hours

    beautiful design! it truly makes a statement! the patterns looks very intricate! :-)

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  14. RosMadeMe

    OMG... that makes you a proper grown up jeweller! Now do I get in now, to invest so when the Antinques Roadshow come to town I will be congratulated on being so perspicacious to recognise and great silver artisan. Well done on having such wonderful work :)

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  15. Jill

    It is a beautiful piece. You are a real jewellery make, but know what you mean - it's rather like having the official seal of approval isn't it. Hope you have a good week.

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