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I've actually made some jewellery....

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Now, don't faint.....but I've actually made something this week!! 

It's been half term...a week of lie ins.....ahhhhh bliss!!  I did a mini spring clean....(still being a bit careful of my back so didn't over do it ;) ) and started getting the Crafty-Bitz Mothers Day Showcase organised....there's already some gorgeous pieces of work in and am hoping we'll get loads more in before this Saturday's deadline....

Anyway...I also got some jewellery made,  I have been suffering a little bit of creative block inspiration at all :(  so the fact I got a few pieces made this week is good are a couple of them.....

Made with Love Bracelet The 'Made with Love' bracelet.....ideal wedding piece


Indigo rivoli 3 stone crystal earring Indigo Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver earrings


Hematite heart & crystal earring Hematite and Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver earrings


Tanzanite pear drop 2 stone crystal earring Tanzanite and Clear Swarovski Crystal Pear Drop earrings

Well that's a taster of what I've been making and I am hoping that my creativity has come back....(I have a fair next month so I do hope it's returned) I'm now popping over to Wendy's to see what everyone has been doing and blogging about on Handmade Monday!! 

Bye for now lovely people

S x

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  1. You can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets and necklaces and other jewelry combinations. This post is good! I like

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  2. Pickle-Lily

    What lovely things - especially like the way you have displayed the drop earrings. Jo x

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  3. Jan

    Lovely items Sarah, It's awful when we get a bit of a 'block' but it doesn't usually last too long. You should never overdo a spring clean ;o) Jan x

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  4. Susie

    Oh, love them all, but especially the indigo earrings! To die for!

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  5. Jam Dalory

    Gorgeous pieces, I love the bracelet the most. x

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  6. Stephen @ Soy of the North

    Very pretty. I like the "Made with Love" detail on the bracelet.

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  7. With U in Mind

    Love the earrings, especially the Swarovski crystal pear drop ones. Very pretty!

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  8. mcrafts

    Love your jewellery this week - saw the pics on fb - Lovely colours for the earrings. Mich x

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  9. Polly Polkadot

    Lovely beads, I haven't made any jewellery since Christmas, but you have made me realise I'm missing it.

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  10. Jenna

    Beautiful jewellery. The 'Made With Love' charm is the perfect detail for that bracelet.

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  11. Butterfly Blossom

    Gorgeous bracelet I love it and it's not my usual style either! x

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  12. Cheryl

    The bracelet looks lovely. Hope inspiration hits soon.

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  13. Wendy

    Love that bracelet!

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  14. Jill

    Very pretty, especially the earrings - well done on shifting the creative block. Spring cleaning when you have some time off??? Hope you have a good week.

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  15. Caroline

    All so pretty love the pearl bracelet perfect for a wedding

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  16. RosMadeMe

    I only ever find G&T in my glasses, never earrings as gorgeous as these. I really love the Hematite pair, they fall so beautifully :)

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