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Liebster Blog Award

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I am very late in passing along....somehow I missed Stef's nomination message.....So here goes!!

Stef from Reloved Remnants has put Dragonfly forward for this Award for small bloggers who inspire!!  So I now pass the baton on to the sites that inspire me....The rules are that you link back to the person who nominated you....display the logo and inform your fave blogs that you've nominted them.

Jeeberella's Craft Castle - Natasha, My Crafty-Bitz partner in crime....Find out all about the Castle's felt family and personalised bits and pieces

Handcrafted by Picto - Always love to see what gorgeous paintings and sock monkeys Jan is creating

Soy of the North - Stephen always talks sense about all aspects of crafting and I love seeing his handpainted candle plates....especially the dart frog inspired ones

Pickle Lily - Fabulous fabrics and beautiful bags

Jam Dalory - Gorgeous handpainted plaques to raise a smile

So now I have to inform the above of their awards and display the lets see if I can get this right......Drum roll please!!

Leibster award logo

Wooohooo it worked!!

Thanks again Stef....!!


Bye for now

S xx


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  1. Jan

    Thank you Sarah, I'll sort out a thank you post in the next week or so :) Jan x

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