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More Chainmaille....

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I have mastered another chainmaille weave.....yay!!  It's called the 'Rhinos Snorting Drano'  Which isn't a very pretty name in my opinion......(sorry if the inventor is reading this)  It is, though, a pretty weave.

Chainmaille Bracelet Drano                     Chainmaille Bracelet Drano

I am really loving chainmaille....seeing a chain form in your hands is such a buzz!!  Still can't do the persian 4-1 yet....but can't win 'em all!!

I have the first of my 2 big fairs of the year this weekend coming.....I love this weekend event,  I so enjoy meeting everybody.  The lovely thing about Jersey is that I get to meet locals and tourists alike.  It's lovely to know Dragonfly pieces get taken to many different parts of the world.....Have been manically working away making am hoping I'll have enough, fingers firmly crossed. 

Away from the jewellery, we now have a greenhouse!!  Well for plastic frame with pvc cover....but hey it's a start.  Have planted some tomato plants and peppers....(altho the snails have already eaten half of them grrrrr) we've also lost the cucumbers we planted too :( I won't give up though!!!  With the weather being absolutely beautiful I can almost believe summer is on her way, although why we have to lose an hours sleep in order for her to arrive I don't know!!

We have another Crafty-Bitz showcase coming of Crafty-Bitz poster The details are on the website.

We're doing things a little differently this time....we're asking contributers to upload 6 of their favourite pieces into a special album and Natasha and I will pick our favourite 3 from each person to feature in the showcase....of course the album will stay live all items will be viewable.

And now I am off to watch Titanic.....(another passion of mine)

Don't forget to visit Wendy's for Handmade Monday

Bye for now

S x



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  1. Butterfly Blossom

    Love this bracelet it looks gorgeous and clearly a lot of hard work has gone into this.

    Posted on

  2. Jam Dalory

    The chainmaille looks great, it looks very fiddly to make though! Best of luck with the upcoming fairs. x

    Posted on

  3. Deborah

    Your bracelets look great, and they're very inspiring (note to self - you do not have enough time to try any more new techniques!)

    Posted on

  4. Stephen @ Soy of the North

    Well done with the chainmaille. It's looks brilliant. Good luck with the fairs.

    Posted on

  5. Caroline

    You have done it, well done and god luck with the gardening

    Posted on

  6. Helen

    Sounds like you're sy with all those fairs!?

    Posted on

  7. Jill Spain

    Well done with the chainmaille and with the greenhouse too. Slugs are a pain in the neck! The battle trying to find something that only bumps them off and nothing else is hard work. They love beer - fall into it and drown happy. Hope you have a good week.

    Posted on

  8. Jan

    Well done on the chainmail, love the little dragonfly charm. I sprinkle crushed egg shells around my plants, it helps to keep the slugs and snails at bay. I believe the AA box is # 687, there is a comment in the link. :o) Jan x

    Posted on

  9. Wendy

    chainmaille always looks fascinating. Lovely piece.

    Posted on

  10. Planet Penny

    that chain look so complicated! Very effective.

    Posted on

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