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Even more chainmaille....and a rubbish craft fair

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Happy Easter everyone!! 

Hope you've all had lots of lovely chocolate and peaceful Sunday.  I certainly did...I have spent the week spring cleaning (including cleaning nearly all the carpets in the house) and while I am now shattered, it's brilliant to see everything sparkling....(although with 1 teen and 1 tween I'm sure it won't stay like that for long) 

I intend to spend the second week of the Easter holidays jazzing up the website.  My shop is currently closed as I am busy re-photographing all my stock and I want to do a relaunch with new pieces too.  I had a disastrous craft fair last weekend....didn't even make my stall money back but it wasn't just me....footfall was down and people just weren't spending....a sign of the times sadly.  To prove how slow things were, I managed to make 4 pairs of earrings and a whole byzantine weave chainmaille bracelet....

Byzantine and indigo crystal bracelet  Byzantine and indigo bracelet

I incorporated some Swarovski Crystals in the bracelet by wrapping both ends of wire to form a solid link on which to hold the crystal.  An am really pleased with the overall result.  I hope to be able to make more with different coloured crystal.

I have also made some confirmation/christening bracelets which are so cute.....Will save those though for the shop reopening.

This week has also been hugely exciting as I reached my target to get my funding from Enterprise Nation, So I am now just waiting for the £250 to hit my paypal account and I can head out shopping!!  I would like to thank everyone who voted.....I will be doing a giveaway to celebrate hitting my target, so if you voted, please let me know below so I can make sure you're included in the draw.  (They took my application along with all the lovely comments people had made off, so I now don't have a clue who voted!) 

This is the prize - Tanzanite charm bracelet

So please let me know who are!!  Because you are all wonderful!!!!

Time for me to head to bed....I will be paying a nice leisurely visit to Wendy's for Handmade Monday tomorrow morning.  I look forward to seeing how everyone's Easter went.

Bye for now

S x

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  1. Jill Spain

    I received a Versatile Bloggers Award this week and I am pleased to nominate you to receive this Award too. Have a look at this post for details of the Award:

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  2. Little Harriet

    Ah that's a shame about the craft fair, lets hope the next one is better. Really love how you have used the Swarovski, the bracelet is gorgeous. LH x

    Posted on

  3. RosMadeMe

    Great news about your grant... bet you have a long list of goodies to buy. Sorry to hear about your craft fair, this time of the year is just a nightmare for craft fairs in my neck of the woods.

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  4. Tickled Pink

    Craft fairs are like that at the moment aren't they. We've just got to keep trying I guess. People will always want to buy pretty things and handmade things. Well done on the funding too.

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  5. Jeeberella's Craft Castle

    So chuffed that you got your funding and craft fairs are so hit and miss at the moment you just never know how they're going to pan out :)

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  6. mcrafts

    sorry that the fair wasn't that busy - however at least you made good use of the time to make some things. well done on the funding! Mich x

    Posted on

  7. Jill Spain

    A great shame about the event, but well done on reaching your Enterprise target. The bracelet looks gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

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  8. Wendy

    Congrats on the grant & good luck with the relaunch. Shame about the fair x

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  9. Caroline

    I am so sorry you did not do feel, such a shame but at least you were creative. Love the prize bracelet so pretty and the colour is just perfect for me, lol. Have a good week Sarah

    Posted on

  10. Stephen @ Soy of the North

    At least you managed to do something with your time while it was quiet, so it's not all bad. My last craft fair was a bit bad for some people, especially for one stall. Easter hlidays with loads of kids around, yet the cupcake stall seemed to have loads of stuff left. Very unusual. Congrats on reaching your target.

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