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Nothing to declare....

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What does one write about when actually nothing has happened this week?  The weather...?  Well it's been a mixed bag really.  Nothing exciting there.  I have mainly this week been doing more photography.....well, I talked about that last week.  Oh goodness.....I am SO boring!!!

Oooh I do have a photo of a bracelet I sent out this week.....Silver Byzantine Bracelet  A 170mm Byzantine Chainmaille bracelet.  The first to go out to a customer with the new heart brand tag.  The customer really loved it and it fitted perfectly.....phew!






Oh.....and I mentioned last week that my Dad got married earlier in is the wedding jewellery I made for his wife Anne - Her dress was champagne coloured and the set complimented it perfectly....I was so pleased that she loved it. Was soo worried that she wouldn't like it but wouldn't want to hurt feelings etc....but thankfully all was well.

Made with Love wedding set

So....Sorry sorry for the boring blog....I am going to go and find out what exciting lives my fellow crafters are leading, whilst trying to ignore that fact that the new school term is looming large, at Handmade Monday.

I WILL do better next week.....Hopefully.

Bye for now

S x


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  1. Not a boring blog post at all. Well done with the bartering - everything helps. The jewellery is lovley. Hope you have a good week.

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  2. I know what it feels like when you don't know what to write about, but as you found when you start writing there's always something to say! I think the wedding jewellery is beautiful, I'm sure she will always love it.

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  3. Thanks for popping over and leaving a lovely comment on my blog. Your bracelet tag is perfect as is the wedding jewellery, it's certainly not a boring post so don't be hard on yourself. Jan x

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  4. Both your items look lovely, we can't all be busy all the time and so often when we are there isn't always anything to show for it :)

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  5. It's alright, nothing happening here either but then I don't think I could cope with being busy,busy all the time! Glad the bride loved her bracelet. Well what's not to like it's perfect.

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  6. Not a boring week. I love the chainmaile bracelet. This is meant to be fun, not a chore. Joanna x

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  7. Handbagsbyhelen

    that's so lovely that you got to make the wedding jewellery for the wedding

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  8. Not boring at all, we all get weeks when wonder what to say and if others will be interested. Love the jewellery and not surprised Anne loved your design for her, so elegant

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  9. I really love the idea of your brand tag. Have not heard of this for jewellery before and am glad you don't get left out. Your jewellery is lovely. You are not boring at all - I have enjoyed this post (and learnt something) don't be hard on yourself.

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