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The Big Storm...

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...That wasn't really.  Yes it got windy and wet and ferries were cancelled  and several attractions were closed, but compared to the dreadful scenes seen in the UK and further afield we got off lightly.  I made this point on Facebook midweek when the island was hit by a power cut for several hours.  It happened in the small hours when most people are asleep.  But goodness, the moans and groans online were incredible.... asking if they would get compensation for spoiled frozen food from the electricity company and suchlike.  It was off for 5 hours at most!  Surely people know that unless they open their freezers their food will be fine for hours!  No ones life was in danger...No one lost their home or their possessions.  Yes it was inconvenient, but it wasn't the end of the world for goodness sake.  People need to get a grip and look at the larger picture before spouting off about trivial things.

Sorry....rant over now :)

On a crafting front...I got the hang of a new weave!!  Yay!  It's only a very basic European 4-1 weave but I am really pleased to have got it sussed :)  here is a pic, it's not been tumbled yet so is a little dull. 

European chainmaille bracelet1 

I absolutely love my tumbler polisher...I stuck some hematite and silver earrings in there last week...I spent the next few hours wondering how the hematite would fare.  It came out beautifully actually... Really shiny, and you know I LOVE shiny :)

Hematite and Silver Bead earring

Rococo in Liberty Wharf, Jersey are selling my bracelets at a rate of knots which is absolutely fab!!  As quick as I deliver them they're flying back out the door...another yay!!

Got my big Christmas Fayre mid November coupled with a Xmas order for Rococo so I am going to be super busy building up some serious stock.... am hoping my dicky thumb is not going to let me down...fingers (and thumbs) crossed :). 

And so there is my week...Don't forget to go check out Handmade Monday and I'll see you again next time!

Bye for now

S x

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  1. The new weave is beautiful, I always think these look so elegant and understated. Sorry about the loss of power but as you said someone is always worse off than yourself, have a good week x

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  2. The bracelet looks lovely with the 4 l weave, it must take a lot of patience to complete it. Good luck with the craft fayre. Hopefully lots more sales. Ali x

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  3. Handbags by Helen

    Lovely weave. No idea how you make such fab things

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  4. I love the weave and think it looks pretty fab without being tumbled. We had 93mm of rain in 24 hours but being on top of a hill only had to contend with a moat outside our back door - some people just love to moan don't they? x

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  5. Congratulations on your bracelet sales, it's such a great feeling. I wasn't hit by the storms here but some friends were badly hit, I bet they wish it was just a black out for a few hours. Some people like to make a big drama when there is none, yes it's inconvenient but not much more. But I'm glad you were not hit worse. Good luck on your fair and a big thank you for voting for me :) Jan x

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  6. Lovely design. Know what you mean about people moaning when they've got off lightly too - it can be a tad frustrating :-)

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  7. I love storms even when they don't come to anything. You can hunker down and craft indoors all day. Looks like you were very creative.

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  8. Caroline

    Well done on your sales Sarah, you have worked so hard and deserve it. We are used to powercuts and like you said leave the freezer shut! I would have hated to be in the block of flats with the landslide, the grass is not always greener and there are so frequently others worse off than ourselves.

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  9. A beautiful bracelet and such goods news that they are selling well. We live in an area where electricity is via overhead cables, so power cuts are quite normal, but know what you mean about the freezer business. I am sure people open it to really check that there is no power! Nitwits! Hope you have a good week.

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  10. Congrats on all the sales. I always loved the results from using a tumbler when I was making jewellery :)

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  11. I'm glad that you are pleased with your new weave. It certainly looks very complicated but lovely too. Glad things are going well for you. Hope that they continue.

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  12. What lovely jewellery, sounds like the next couple of months are going to be very busy for you, good luck! x

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  13. Lovely makes - I love that new weave you've done. Good luck with the fair x

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