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Is it half term yet???

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Bonjour Mes Amis.....

I am now counting down the day 'til half term.... More time to craft and get some work done on the website!  I am struggling for visits, so need to do something to make myself more prominent....although as a jewellery maker/retailer I know I am in one seriously saturated market!  (Like the alliteration there??  I am learning something in all my school hours)  I am doing Facebook and Twitter, I have pages on Crafty-Bitz, Linkedin, Brownbook, and Wow Thank You!  If anyone has any other ideas then please do let me know! :)

Have learned a new weave this week....the Spiral.  Here is my first spiral bracelet.

Spiral chainmaille Bracelet

I have also made some little silk and silver macrame bracelets.  I thought they'd make lovely little stocking fillers and bring younger visitors to my stall next month.

Silk spiral bracelets assorted  Silk spiral bracelet purple

They won't win any awards, but I think they are simple and ideal for little gifts.

I don't have a great deal to tell you this week so I'd like to, if I may, introduce you to my friend's site.  Bags of Happiness is run by fellow Channel Islander Hester.  I met Hester at The Living Legend Christmas Fayre last year.  Among her gorgeous work are her little fabric owls.  I bought one for my niece and she loves it.  They are all individuals with their own expressions and personalities....You can see Hester's work at here website I can not recommend her highly enough, her prices and quality are second to none.

Please do pop along and see Hester's's well worth a visit.

Anyway....I am off to Handmade Harbour for this weeks Handmade Monday....see you next week!!

Bye for now

S x



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  1. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Handbagsbyhelen

    Oo, would love to see a close up of your new spirals. I know what you mean about trying to get noticed. My website has an average of two views a day - and I'm sure that's just me!

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  3. Well done on learning a new technique at this stage of the term! It looks lovely from what I can see. Keep on in there :)

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  4. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all we had to do was make good stuff! The silk and silver bracelets look great and I'm sure they'll go well on your stall.

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  5. Those bracelets are lovely, so pretty and ideal stocking fillers. Marketing is so hard and I am always on the look out for new places and am off to check out a couple of the ones you mentioned! It's half-term here this week and I am taking DD to help me at a craft fair today - wish me luck!

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  6. It's nearly half-term Sarah, so hang in there. Your work is beautiful and you are always trying something new, so that is your USP. It is hard to sell handmade and trying to find new ways, that are not expensive, is never-ending. Hope you have a good week.

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  7. Dn't do yourself down Sarah your bracelets are so pretty and things slow in general. Not heard of Brownbook off to have a browse

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  8. Lovely bracelets - they'll make great little gifts. Marketing is hard work, and is a long-term job. Good luck with it x

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