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New gadget!!

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I have a new gadget on my website...  Am rather pleased with myself actually as I am not technically minded at all!!  You can now chat with me from the site should you have any questions!!  You may have already noticed the little icon in the bottom right corner, if it says I am online, then I am there if anyone needs help!  Running a website it seems is a constant battle of tweaks and changes... keeping it fresh and encouraging visitors to stay and have a look around... I have been reading up about SEO (search engine optimisation) and have been trying to implement as many of the suggestions as possible.  I am beginning to understand why people pay companies to do it for them as it can be a long old job!  But luckily I really enjoy tweaking and messing about with the site and trying new things...(I just don't get as much time for it as I would like)

I have been making too this week... Have made some little stretchy bracelets which I think will be ideal stocking fillers!!   Hoping they'll go down well at the Jersey Craftworkers Fayre next weekend.  They're made from Malay Jade in various colours, Rose Quartz, Blue Goldstone, Swarovski Crystals and Hematite and some have Sterling Silver accent beads too.

Stretchy Bracelet Collage

Really looking forward to the fair next week... It gives me a chance to take my jewellery out there and let people see it/touch it (and hopefully love it!)  I so enjoy meeting the other crafters and catching up on what everyone is up to and also meeting the public too!!  It's also the time that I start getting into the Christmas spirit...that is until the 4th running straight of Christmas hits disc 1!!  Am hoping the organiser has got more than one Christmas CD this year ;)

I had better get on with my manic making for next week...but am going to mark out some time to pop over to Handmade Harbour for this weeks Handmade Monday!! 

Take care!!

Bye for now

S x

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  1. Lovely widget :-) I find keepig up online can definitely seem like it takes up all my making time some weeks! Have a great fair! Simmi x

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  2. Pickle-Lily

    Love the snow and snowflakes on your page as well as the lovely bracelets. Jo x

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  3. Handbags by Helen

    Oo, very impressed by your gadget. Well done.

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  4. I love your gadget - a great idea and a really nice way to connect with your customers too. Your bracelets are lovely, as all of your work is and I hope you do well at the fair. Hope you have a good week.

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  5. I love the new gadget had to leave a message and cannot believe you are not on line at 5.50 in the morning Sarah really slacking there with no night shift, lol The bracelets are so pretty and elegant good luck with your event next week

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  6. Ooh, clever gadget! And good luck with the fair, I love the different colours of those stretchy bracelets.

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  7. Your bracelets all look lovely, I'm sure they'll do really well. Good luck with your fair, take a couple of your own Christmassy discs with you :) I'm liking the new gadget too. Jan X

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  8. Wow, now that is a nifty gadget. Good luck with the fair x

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  9. Good luck with the fair next week, I'm sure those little bracelets will be very popular. Happy tweaking!

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  10. You are clever doing all this tweaking on your site. I am rather hopeless at that sort of thing. I hope your fair is a good un and you sell plenty.

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  11. You are very clever - I like the need help button a lot but I am sure I would never have any success with putting things on a website at all. I really like the simplicity of the bracelets - very elegant and I am sure that they will go down well. Enjoy the fair (maybe take some discreet ear plugs?

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