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Is photography a craft....?

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I haven't got any makes to show you this week - Creative juices seem to have dried up :(

I do, however, have some news.   I have agreed to do some website and product photography work for Rococo Art and Gifts.  Rococo sells my jewellery in a beautiful little shop at Liberty Wharf, St Helier.  Chantal, the owner, is passionate about Jersey and all it's Crafters and Artists and is a member of 'Genuine Jersey'.  You can see Rococo's current website here.  The site I am working on won't be live for a while yet.  Here are a couple of early product shots....


how now jersey cow mugid rather be in jersey mugjersey pure bean mug

I am thinking that the background is a little too 'blue'.  I might have a play and tone it down a tad.  I have 12 mugs in all to photograph which, with the website, will keep me busy for a while.  Hopefully I will get creative again soon too!!

My friend loved her necklace and is really pleased to have it back in one was a favourite of hers and she has missed wearing it.  So happy days all round :)

I'm now off to get some inspiration from Handmade Monday!!  I'll see you next week!!  (hopefully with oodles of jewellery to show you!!)

Bye for now....

S x



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  1. Oh isn't it annoying when your crafty mojo disappears. I agree with everyone else I think the blue and white mugs would show up better on a different background. Hope your back on track soon. Ali x

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  2. The top photo works well but I agree that with the others the blue appears a bit strong. Not an expert in photography I can offer no help I am afraid. Sorry.

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  3. I love the photos, the top one the blue is perfect but maybe a tad lighter as the other mugs are paler. Well done on getting this commission, you work so hard and deserve it. C x

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  4. I like the blue backgrounds, the photos have a nice 'soft' quality about them which i know is hard to achieve from photographing my own mugs! x

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  5. I just point and snap hoping the photo comes out! So I admire those who can take really lovely photos which are works of art in themselves.

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  6. Photography definitely is a craft, which I think you have mastered.

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  7. Christmas Pie Crafts

    Well done Sarah, a great extension to your work. Yes, I think photography is a craft - you are creating something, making things look different, well displayed and a pleasure to look at. Hope you have a good week.

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