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Wow.....what a week!

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Happy Sunday!!

As the title suggests it's been a pretty good week!!!  The Lilac Dragonfly won 2 business of the day awards on Twitter   ....One from Freddie pig and the other was the PurpleDogNet's #purplebiz of the day!  I gained oodles of Twitter followers and made some new friends too!!  So I was one happy bunny!!  I then got asked if I wanted £20 to spend on anything like....all I have to do is write a blog about it....'I can do that!' I thought and set about the best way of spending it.  I came up with the idea to spread the joy and asked fellow crafters to show me what they'd sell me for £15 inc P&P (will explain about the other fiver later)  My, do I have a hard choice....

      One of these would look good...and does good too!!   A bracelet from Rocks n Chains where £5 from each bracelet goes to The Menegitis Trust. £15

 tanznite chip earringsTanzanite (one of my fave stones) Chip  sterling silver earrings from Angela Finch £12



framed be my valentine This is a perfect way of saying I Love You from Claire Manwani Pottery  £12.20 


 Dinky Gift Bag Gorgeous dinky gift bags from Polly Polkadot £14.40




  A scrummy chocolate tree from Sweet Tastings - mmmm!!



 PictureMore chocolate, Dollipops from Cathryn Cariad - almost too pretty to eat (almost....) 


 Photo This beautiful little Fairy is completely handmade by One of a Kind, Fantasy Sculpture


 If you know someone suffering from Dementia, This Comfort Mat could be just the thing.  From Dementia Activity Supplies.


  This lovely wood bowl decorated with pyrographed hearts is from Glad Turnings Woodturning £10.50


 I haven't got a picture to show you, but I was also offered a Pearl, Lapis and Pyrite necklace that was designed and shown on Jewellerymaker last Sunday by Sarah Callahan.







































 What a beautiful array of gorgeous items.....But I can only choose one sadly!!  And I have chosen The Fairy from One of a Kind Sculptures.  I have long admired Rita's work since I first saw them on the Craft Forum.  She has asked for £10 for this little original treasure but I will be sending her the whole £15 as she sends her profits to a Breast Cancer fund!!  Thank you soooo much everyone who offered their work, it has been a pleasure but a real hard decision.  I had the idea that whoever I chose to could 'Pay it Forward' and give someone else the feel good factor....but as Rita gives her profit to Charity, she already does this everyday.  All this was made possible by's What's in Your Pocket project.  It's all about the feel good factor.  We all know what it's like to find a tenner in your pocket that you'd forgotten you had, it feels great!  Well the idea was to make others feel good by sending them £20 and asking then to blog what they did with the money.  I personally wanted to spread the feeling so I chose to spend the majority of the money with another crafter.  The other £5 will be used for a random act of kindess....for which I'd love any reader's ideas on what I can do!! I also received a tweet from a crafter who does not yet sell, but wanted to get involved, she bought some extra groceries at her weekly shop and is going to be dropping them off to her local food bank.  I was really touched by this....please give her a follow if you could, @shropshirecraft  Please also, if you have the time, visit all the talented people above if you can.

My final piece of luck was in the form of an email from Wendy from Handmade Harbour, she told me I'd won one of the 100th Handmade Monday celebration Commercial Creatives ebook...I can't wait to have a good read!!  Now all I need to top it all off is an #SBS retweet from Theo....keeping fingers firmly crossed!!

So...there's me for the exhausted now, (steroids and antibiotics for asthma aren't helping) But I am off now to say another thank you to Wendy at Handmade Harbour and see what sort of week everyone else has had!!

Bye for now

S x

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  1. What a lovely week, well done. I'm also a fan of Rita's work, her dolls are beautiful. Jan x

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  2. Yay, well done on the awards

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  3. Congratulations on every count. You certainly deserve it all. I do hope the steroids work. They make you feel totally horrible but at least you have something to take your mind off it :) Hope you have another exciting week this week.

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  4. Wow - what a good week :-) Sounds like you deserve the win for the 100th Handmade Monday as part of the karma for being generous with your £20 and also blogging about all the crafters who offered you something :-) Have a great week, Simmi x

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  5. What a brilliant week for you....let's hope it's the start of a brilliant 2013 for you xxx

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  6. Oooh well done on your wins!! That certainly is an array of beautiful craft work, it must have been a hard choice! I think its a lovely idea to share the love and buy from other crafters :) hope you're in a better place with your asthma soon x

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  7. Wow, that all sounds like a fantastic time. Fingers crossed for that RT!

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  8. Jill

    Well done Sarah, a fantastic week. Love the things you have found for under £15 - all really beautiful. Hope you have a good week.

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  9. Congratulations and well done! Sounds like an excellent week. Some beautiful things for under £15- I especially like the wood bowl.

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