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A quieter week...

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Have had a chance to breathe this week...  (the steroids and antibiotics did their jobs) and it's actually been a pretty quiet one to be honest.

Oh...Apart from receiving this special lady... fairie  fairie.  Isn't she just beautiful??  She's completely handmade from polymer clay by Rita of One of a Kind Sculpture - Fantasy Art ..... do pop along and visit Rita's website    Each doll is unique and made from scratch!  Rita helps a Breast Cancer Fund by donating some of the proceeds from the sale of each doll to the charity!  Rita only wanted £10 for her, and invoiced me as much despite me saying I wanted to pay £15 (which I still think is a bargain!!)  I had to send an extra £5 in the end as a stand alone payment to make sure she got the extra money for her fund!  She doesn't yet have a name though.

   Am brimming with ideas at the mo....and as it's half terpink cord braceletm I am hoping that I'll get loads of them made into jewellery before next week, that's   the plan anyway!  Have made a little cotton cord and sterling silver bracelet that I plan to replicate in many colours for the Spring Fayre that I have coming up at the end of March.  I think I took too much of my higher end bits to it last year and it was a bit of a disaster.  Will be taking more day to day pieces this time :). 




Finally - I am doing a couple of giveaways.  First, to win this Past, Present & Future Friendship Bracelet  just sign up for the Lilac Dragonfly newsletter (one a month...definitely no spam....Guaranteed) by 30th March and 1 winner will be picked at random from all subscribers.

Past present and future friendship bracelet1

Second, I will giveaway these earrings to one lucky winner when my Facebook Page reaches 1000 likes! :)

freshwater pearl and crystal earrings

I didn't get my #SBS tweet from Theo last weekend, but am trying again this week :)  Am nothing if not persistent!

So that's me again for this week...will hopefully have oodles to show you next week.... !!  I shall now head on over to Handmade Monday for my weekly craft blog fix.

Bye for now

S x


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  1. So glad that you are feeling better in time for the holidays - glad to see you have your priorities correct ;). Your fairy is wonderful - I hope you give her a name soon :)

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  2. Ohhh she's beautiful! Fingers crossed for an SBS tweet this week - I keep forgetting to enter! Simmi x

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  3. What a lovely fairy!I must check out Rita's website.Love the bracelet and ear rings.

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  4. Hope this is your week for the #SBS tweet!

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  5. I love Rita's work and the fairy is just gorgeous. Goodluck with your #sbs tweet - keep trying!

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  6. Christmas Pie Crafts

    Good news that you are feeling better. Your work is always gorgeous, and I particularly like the friendship bracelet. Rita's work is lovely - she is very talented and creates some beautiful things. Hope you have a good week.

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  7. Your bracelets are really pretty. And the earrings are gorgeous. Wonderful giveaways. Ali x

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  8. ooh i love that pink cord bracelet - simple and pretty, just perfect for every day wear like you say, i'm sure they'll be popular at the fair :) Good to hear you're feeling better! x

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  9. I love your bracelets. So simple and stylish. I bet they could be popular with the fellas too!

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  10. Tickled Pink

    The fairy is incredible - such detail. And your earrings are lovely - very delicate.

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  11. Love those earrings :)

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  12. I love Rita's work her fairies so detailed and yours is just beautiful. I always admire your jewellery so elegant

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  13. Patchwork Fairy

    Good luck at the craft fair - Ifind they are all different so there's no right or wrong approach! I like the cotton cord bracelet it's nice and simple and very delicate.

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