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A lucky week!

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I've had a really lucky week this week.  I won, not one, but two prizes on through Twitter giveaways!!  

The first came courtesy of Craftabella you can find her on FB and on Twitter.  She sent me a lovely button monogram.

e monogram from craftabella  It's so pretty, it's going to be a gift for my niece.  

My second piece of Twitter luck came from Say it with Chocolates,  (Twitter and Website)  2 beautiful chocolate shoes, complete with chocolate buttons.  Now,  I'd LOVE to show you a photo, but I have to confess I ate said shoes before I could take a picture...sorry.  They WERE absolutely scrummy though!! I didn't share either....hehehe!  Please pop along and give them both a 'like' if you're on Facebook/Twitter if you have a moment!!

ADDITION... Say it with Chocolate kindly let me add this pic to the blog...thanks again for my seriously scrumptious shoes!!

A couple of makes to share this week.... I've created a range of summer bracelets that I've called 'Simply Cotton'  They are simply cotton cord and sterling silver and can be worn stacked together with others or alone.


black and red cotton bracelet with silver ladybird charm     initial b cotton bracelet       blue cotton and silver bracelet     purple cotton bracelet with butterfly charm


I plan to make a signature bracelet with the Dragonfly charm on it to complete a 'Simply Cotton' collection of bracelets.

On a personal note....I've been back on the antibiotics for my chest again...And have pulled a muscle in my chest too so coughing/sneezing and laughing has been very painful.  On the mend again now though and am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that this is the last episode this year!

So that's me for another week... I am going to pop on over to Handmade Monday and have a good old nosey!! 

Bye for now

S x





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  1. I wish you a speedy recovery. The bracelet designs are lovely - is that a ladybug on one of them?

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  2. Lucky you winning not one but two competitions - and one of them being a prize of chocolate !!!! The bracelets are lovely. Hope you're on the mend soon xx

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  3. Really sorry to hear that you are unwell. We need some nice warm weather! Beautiful necklaces.

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  4. You lucky thing, those chocolate shoes look lovely. I hope you're feeling better.

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  5. Lucky you! saying that I'm rubbish at entering competitions so no wonder I never win!! Love your collection of bracelets, I'm sure they will be very popular

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  6. Aww i'm sorry you've been poorly, i hope you wins this week helped you feel better :) Your bracelets are lovely, several worn together would look fab i think x

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  7. mm chocolate.. no womder you ate them before you could take a pic! the bracelets are very nice and look very summery.

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  8. Jill Spain

    Chocolate and shoes - what a wonderful package. Well done on your wins - the button monogram card is lovely. Sorry you are poorly again - hope you feel better very soon. The Simply cotton range is lovely. Hope you have a good week.

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  9. Nice prizes, I wouldn't like to share my chocolate either. Nice bracelets, great for teenagers and I think they would be great for the boys with men type charms on. Jan x

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  10. Chocolate shoes sound great. I am always very enthusiastic about dragonflies.

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  11. Mmm chocolate shoes, a girl's idea of heaven - off to check them out now!

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