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School's out for Summer...

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I know I have been missing in action for a LONG time - I can only apologise!! 

I am finally on my summer holidays.  A lot has happened in the last few months!!  My son Matthew did his exams and left school...How old do I feel now???   He attended his prom and had a fab time and looked GORGEOUS!!

prom4  Steve managed to borrow an Aston Martin to take him in as it was a James Bond themed evening.

   matt and liam...prom

   He had a brilliant evening and I'm sure he'll remember it for a very long time.





I am currently doing an online course with the RNIB which I am finding fascinating.  The eye is an amazing piece of 'engineering' and I've been learning about many types of visual impairments and and I am sure it's going to really help me and the students I support in school!!  I will be heading back for my last year at this school with my current student as he goes into year eleven and faces all those dreaded GCSEs.  It's amazing to see how these kids I joined in year 8 are growing into young adults and are now preparing for their final year of compulsory education...

Yesterday, the 'baby' of the family, Jodie, turned 13!!  I now officially have 2 teenagers in the house....let the fun times and tantrums begin!!  Matthew gave her a lovely bracelet....I wonder where he got it from...? 

black cotton initial bracelet









I have made a few similar cotton bracelets for the 'Simply Cotton' collection using  silver 'noodle' tubes and charms.  I really love their  simplicity and they are great to wear.                                                          

     blue cotton heart charm bracelet    pink cotton heart charm bracelet         red cotton ladybird charm bracelet

  I am going to team them up with a range of silver ball bracelets that I have made recently.  These are available on the website and also at Rococo, Liberty Wharf, Jersey.

 silver & gold bead bracelet     silver bead bracelet 6mm     stardust silver bead bracelet

Stacks of bracelets on the arm is a top trend this summer and looks fab.

Am hoping Summer is here to stay so I can wear my new collections out and about....(always the best form of advertising)   So here's to at least 5 weeks of solid sun and a relaxing yet profitable August (fingers firmly crossed)!!!

I am going to now head over to Handmade Monday....Have got a lot to catch up on over there so it may take me another 5 months or so to blog again ;)

Bye for  now

S x



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  1. Your son looks wonderful, very James Bond. What a fab car to turn up in. Doesn't the time fly. All your bracelets look lovely. I really like the one with the ladybird charm. Ali xx

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  2. Your son looks very handsome, and very happy too. I had not realised you are a teaching assistant (like me) as well as finding time for all the crafting. Ginny - I've been a TA for about 5 years now. I work with visually impaired students. xx

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  3. What a very handsome young man. Love the jewellery, and the Aston Martin's not bad either!

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  4. I really like the simplicity of the 'new' bracelets. Perfect for stacking up. Enjoy wearing them :)

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  5. Beautiful work, Sarah, especially the silver ball pieces. your son does look very handsome - how wonderful to go the the ball in an Aston Martin. Were you Miss Moneypenny for the night? Hope you have a good week.

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  6. Your bracelets are beautiful! You will be a very effective walking advertisement during the summer. What a very handsome young man you have in your house!

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  7. Love your bracelets, especially the silver ball ones. Enjoy your summer break!

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